PET PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION (performed within the Central Indiana area)

My documentary-style pet photography sessions are an hour long and performed in your home or fenced-in backyard. I will spend one-on-one time with your pet(s), photographing them in their natural environment, doing what you see them do on a regular basis. There are no stiff poses, just relaxed, happy pets. After your photo session, I will examine the photos, in my studio for quality assurance. Your photos will be uploaded to a photo-sharing website, 5-7 business days later for you to download. You can expect to receive approximately one dozen photos (or more), per pet, from your session.


A photo session is $235 (up to 3 pets. $25 fee for each additional pet) and within a 25 mile radius of zip code 46236. For outside this service area, please email for information. For animal shelters, rescue centers and feral cat colonies, please email for information.


Schedule pet photography session to occur during a 5 day, or longer, pet-sitting appointment and receive a $55 discount off your session.


Photos may only be used for personal use only and may not be reproduced in part, or whole, for public or commercial use. Premier Pet Sitting & Photography, LLC and April A. Tchiguka retain all copyright information to each photo.

Pet Photography Session Tips

Here are a few tips that will make your photo shoot go smoothly and help create great photos.

First, I use natural light for my photography instead of a flash. Therefore, photographing in the Spring, Summer, and Fall are better than during the gray, Midwest winter. No sessions will be scheduled from November through February. Also, having green grass, leaves on trees and the sprinkling of color from flowers in your yard adds a nice element for your pet's photos.


Only feed your cat or dog a small meal, if any at all, the day of the session to keep him/her motivated to work for treats, if need be. (Please provide your own approved of treats for the shoot.) Make sure to give your dog a good walk prior to the session to get rid of any built-up energy. Definitely take some time to brush/groom your dog, or long-haired cat, so they look nice and presentable for the photos. And don't forget to wipe the corners of their eyes. 


With cats, my number one tip is to block off possible hiding places. If possible, it’s helpful to use only a confined area of your home for the session. 


Whether photographing in your home or yard, remember to tidy up. If you don't want it in your background, remove it, if you can. Also, if you have a piece of furniture you don't like, drape a neutral colored blanket or sheet over it. This will "remove" it from your photos and provide a simple backdrop. Remember to pick-up the poo from your yard, if photographing there, too.


Always have a few of their favorite toys on hand--squeaky or rattlers are best for getting their attention. Remember to always relax (if you relax, it will be easier for your pet to as well!) have fun and follow your photographer’s lead.

Ready to schedule a pet photography session? 

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